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Time to try something new ...

Enjoy food again – and lose weight naturally

Learn why you overeat and establish a good relationship with your body – and with food

Are you sick of dieting and not losing weight? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your size and shape? Does it prevent you from feeling good about yourself, attending social occasions, or going clothes shopping?

The Weight Off Your Mind method will help you to change your attitude to food. By identifying your triggers, you will be able to break your cycle of dieting and bingeing and gain a positive attitude towards losing weight.

Through workshops and one-to-one sessions, I will empower you to unlearn negative beliefs about food. We will explore comfort eating, emotional eating, binge eating and more. You will learn to enjoy food again – and be in the driving seat of your own life!

The Weight Off Your Mind method is about:

  • No more dieting
  • A new attitude to food
  • Saying no to cravings and food addictions
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Trusting yourself around food
  • Developing a positive attitude to weight loss



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Have you ever noticed that the more we try to resist something the more it persists and that is never more so than when we want to lose weight?  
I have been working a lot with people lately around the idea of linking pain and pleasur...

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"My outlook is different because of this course and I have stopped dieting, I can enjoy food again! Its just a different mindset, it is so simple and yet so radically life changing. Stubborn weight...

Deirdre - Kilmuckridge

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"Helping you to achieve your weight goals...and sustain them"

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